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Challenge Partners was constructed by professional operations managers to manage businesses well. Key to good management is structure, communication, accountability which involves all parties.
There are a lot of great people in New Zealand and we want to take as many of them on the journey as possible (within the structure we have) – because they have wisdom, skills, energy and networks to offer. 
There are three main routes by which people become involved with Challenge Partners, but there’s nothing to stop anyone from letting us know what they have to offer the world just in case!
Become an Investor – learn about your businesses, watch them grow, see how new products and markets fare and speak with pride about your part in NZ business.
Choose Challenge Partners to be the people you sell your business to, because you want your staff to be happy, your legacy to be upheld and your business to keep on going.
Become one of our Senior Managers or Independent Directors, share your way of tackling issues and learn from your peers in a supportive business environment.

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