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Exit with us

Have you considered selling your business but been
unsure about the right path to take? Challenge Partners
have been involved in countless business sales,
purchases and mergers and have the skills and
materials to move this process along at the right rate. The Fund pays a fair price for good companies and will very quickly state whether or not an acquisition would suit the current Investment Profile. The Fund’s aim is to buy, hold and grow - so typically the existing structure and staff are retained in the long term.
The Managers always try to arrange staged transitions, allowing the departing business owner the timeframe they choose to exit their business with dignity. Challenge Partners can create performance bonus structures which reward the vendor for the opportunity they were sure the business had, maximizing the value for the vendor but minimizing the risk for the Fund.
The Managers have a sensitive approach to the emotional consequences of sale; they can design transitional roles that allow the retiring owner to pursue projects they had been unable to achieve before and which allow them to take pride in their legacy being maintained and its potential fulfilled.
It is possible in some circumstances for vendors to exchange some of the cash payment for a ‘Seat’ in the Fund and become Investors themselves. Not only do they continue to profit from their life’s work, they also remain intimately involved and are able to offer their wisdom – truly the best of both worlds?
For more information please see this document which explains why we are the best exit strategy.