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How are we different?

  • We only accept Investors with the skills and experience
    to exercise the appropriate judgment
  • Investors approve the Investment strategy of the Fund
  • Investors may approve or decline opportunistic deviations from that Investment Profile
  • Investors approve or modify the proposed cash returns
  • Investors approve or modify the proposed exit strategy
  • We foster, support and develop our General Managers
  • We buy a solid asset for a fair price and hold it – which, buying on a multiple of less than 4, should earn the Investors a return of over 20% from the EBITDA (and hopefully more from capital growth)
  • We choose tangible businesses with a strong position in their market
  • We want to buy and hold – why would you sell a good asset which can return up to 25% or more of its purchase price annually? The way other Fund Manager’s rewards are calculated, they need to make a bigger buck quickly – whereas we are incentivized towards reliable, predictable returns
  • We manage our acquisition pipeline to proceed at the right pace
  • We base our purchase decisions on our understanding of the world in 2022 – which markets will be bigger and better – not just what we see today.


  • We know how to do everything we ask our subsidiary managers to do; this gives us a kudos, capability and insight which lawyers, accountants and bankers cannot have acquired to the same degree during their prior career.
  • We commit to follow and fulfil a 26 page manual which we wrote detailing what was needed to run the Fund efficiently. It is the minimum we must accomplish under the Management Agreement. Other Funds just commit to use ‘their best endeavours’ – which does not give the Investors peace of mind. We can be sacked in a month by the Investors if we get lazy, reckless or headstrong – and that’s a good thing.