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First Fund established:

The first Fund is now fully invested, three returns have been paid, with four acquisitions and two consolidations. 

Private Equity by operations managers for the semi-active Investor.

Challenge Partners is a private equity investment with a difference - we offer our Investors an unprecedented level of involvement. Not for us the arms length disdain of traditional funds for the people who have entrusted them with their money – no, we actively welcome all our Investors have to offer. As an investment syndicate, we have a 10-20 year horizon with the intention of indefinite ownership, investing in our people, our equipment and our brands.
We are a group of former GMs/CEOs with decades of management and consulting experience who have worked with or consulted to over a hundred companies. If our business managers don’t know how to do something then we work with them to achieve it, drawing on our experience, our intellectual property or building a solution from first principles.
Our first Fund, the New Zealand Consolidation Fund, launched in 2012 with its first acquisition and then conducted a second purchase during 2013. In 2014 a third subsidiary was purchased and two consolidations purchased for one subsidiary, with the final acquisition in May 2015. We take sole ownership of solid NZ companies who support our vital industries with tangible products and services, and we build them for the long term. We are proud to manufacture in New Zealand and we believe in the opportunities that 're-shoring' is creating.
Please take the time to read more about us. We aspire to the highest levels of professionalism in everything the Fund does and we hope that you find the solution you were seeking through Challenge Partners. That said, please feel free to contact us for any clarifications you may need.