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Investor protections

The Principals know the risk profile of the typical Investor
they seek and have built the concept around what they know
the Investors would be happy with. The intent of the
Principals in designing the Fund is to ensure that the
Investors could never have reason to worry. To this end, the following protections are unique to this Fund structure:
  1. Investor Voting.
  2. Use of Nominated Voter so only suitably qualified Investors may vote.
  3. Investment Profile prohibits rash, inappropriate or over-ambitious acquisitions.
  4. Level of Return decided by Investors.
  5. Lawyers’ Trust Fund handling of the Funds ensures they cannot be used for anything other than the authorised process.
  6. The appointment of an independent Director to the Board of each subsidiary.
  7. Subsidiary funds are returned to the Fund; there is no transfer to other subsidiaries
  8. Related party transactions are only permitted in the normal course of business (ie if they happen to trade anyway), at arms length and with formal scrutiny by the independent Directors of the transfer pricing and conditions.
  9. Full audit of the Fund.
  10. Investors receive reports from Independent Directors.
  11. Investors receive quarterly financials from subsidiaries plus Fund.
  12. Audits of subsidiaries decided by the Investors.
  13. Use of independent third party to scrutinize acquisition decisions critically.
  14. Management Agreement gives Investors the ability to remove the Principals as Managers, and the Management Document sets clear expectations.
  15. Sunset clauses concerning failure to launch or require funding.
  16. Exit Strategy decided by Investors.