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The World in 2022

We conduct extensive research on trends in New Zealand
and the world – the symptoms and the underlying causes – to
compile a picture of the world in 2022 to guide our investment
strategy. Examples are climate variability (deviations from the
norm and their effect on agriculture), demography, technology and social change (distraction at work makes reward for effort, not attendance, such as franchising, more productive).
Needless to say, we only put a sample of this out on the internet for other people to enjoy – if you are curious have a look at this. Potential Investors will be shown the research, and as proof here is a list of just some of the information sources we use:
The Economist The United Nations University The International Monetary Fund
Statistics New Zealand The World Bank The CIA
World Trade Organisation Far Eastern Economic Review Economist Intelligence Review
Institute of Directors Mckinsey Global Institute NZTE
University of Auckland Business Review Bain & Co Innovation Research Center Global Trends Royal Economic Society
Technology Review The Royal Society (NZ)
NZVCA Economic Research Service Fonterra Research Centre
The World Economic Forum St Johns University Review Baylor University Review